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Marcus Johansson Signs with BIK Karlskoga

Marcus Johansson has signed with BIK Karlskoga of second-tier Swedish league HockeyAllsvenskan

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Per BIK Karlskoga (via Google Translate):

Washington Star Marcus Johansson has for some time been training with Färjestad, but now he's ready for the game with BIK Karlskoga. Agreement is a so-called short-term contracts and Marcus practicing with the team for the first time in today's warming. If the insurance issue has time to dissolve, so does Marcus already in tonight's game against Troy / Ljungby. 22-year-old, who played in Malmo, Farjestad, Skåre, Hershey Bears and Washington Capitals are a skate skilled two-way center that is round in most ways. Fine hockey sense, good technique, aggressive in his game, working home and produce objective and above all assists. Has a good shot and epitomizes a team player. Welcome to BIK Karlskoga, Marcus!

"Bofors" is a team in Sweden's second-tier league, HockeyAllsvenskan and is affiliated with Johansson's former Elitserien club, Färjestad BK. The "so-called short-term contracts" would allow Johansson to sign with Färjestad should the NHL season be cancelled.

(h/t Elite Prospects)

Update: Johansson spoke with the media after signing with BIK Karlskoga ( via Aftonbladet), and Malin Andersson provides this translation (as well as the one below and the background information):

"It feels great to be here. It’s been awhile since I've played now. I’m a bit bummed that things didn't work out with Färjestad. It would have been a lot of fun to play in the SEL.

"It’s a weird situation to be in. It’s been hard to train I have been doing a lot of off ice work and and spent some time with Färjestad on ice."

Johansson is playing for free but the club will pay for his insurance. The insurance cost is $5,000 dollars per month according to BIK Karlskoga’s Club president, Torsten Yngvesson. The contract is for two weeks, but in theory it could last all season according to Johansson's agent Gunnar Svensson.

By way of background, Karlskoga is currently in second place in Allsvenskan, trailing only Caps prospect Filip Forsberg's Leksand in the standings. And on a historical note, Caps great Bengt Gustafsson and his not-as-great son Anton Gustafsson both played for Karlskoga. So there's that.

Back to the here-and-now, Johansson returned to Sweden a month ago and has been practicing with his former team Färjestad, as noted above. But the team, like most other SEL squads, is not willing to do short-term contacts with locked-out NHL players.Last week, Johansson spoke about the situation and what has led up to him signing with Bofors:

"I’m going to play somewhere real soon. I miss playing and I’m still young I can’t just sit around and do nothing. I want to improve and become a better player. You can’t improve as a player when you’re not playing games."

"I don’t know. Right now I’m just taking it day by day and week by week, we will just have to wait and see what will happen. Of course I’m not the only player that wants to find a club. There are other players are also taking advantage of the situation and are home in Sweden right now. Right now the SEL isn’t open for us so we have to adjust.

Värmlands Folkblad reported that Färjestad’s general manager Jörgen Jönsson and Johansson have had a meeting and that he told him to not sign a longer contract with another team.

"It’s nice to hear that. I have talked to Jörgen and we will see. I haven’t made any decisions, yet. What kind of contract I sign will depend on which team I end up singing with."