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Would You Watch Replacement Players?

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If replacement players were someday to don Capitals uniforms, would you watch?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

At some point during any work stoppage in professional sports, thoughts turn to the possibility of using non-union labor to keep the games going. Most recently, of course, the NFL used replacement officials earlier this season after being unable to reach an agreement with its zebras through collective bargaining. The results were predictably terrible and provided all the leverage the "real" refs needed to get the remaining issues ironed out and back on the field.

Recently, there's been some chatter about the possibility of using replacement players in the NHL as it continues through its labor (non-)negotiations with no end in sight. The procedural hurdles to get there would be many (made tougher by the fact that this is a lockout and not a strike), and the strategy an unlikely one.

But we're curious at a very basic level (and threw the question out there on Facebook last night) - would you watch "NHL hockey" if it was played by replacement players? Vote below and have your say in the comments.