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Friday Caps Clips: Putting the "Dead" in Deadline?

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Deadlines come and go, leaving us with lockout and prospect news and not much else.

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Bruce Bennett

Your savory breakfast links:

  • We begin the day with the latest news, non-news and opinion from the labor front:
    • The League set yesterday as the deadline by which an agreement would have to be reached in order to get a full 82-game season in and, welp, now it's today. [ESPN, Globe and Mail, WaPo]
    • Meanwhile, an anonymous NHL suit took to the Reddit to answer some questions and offer a unique look into what's goin' on. [SB Nation]
    • The reality is that the two sides may be closer than they think... which makes it all the more frustrating that they appear to think they're speaking different languages. [Globe and Mail]
    • Also, the President weighed in on the mess, which may or may not have simply been him trolling Tim Thomas. [Puck Daddy]
    • The bigger the paycheck, the bigger the loss with any sort of rollback... [CBC]
    • ... but the smaller the paycheck, the more it hurts, perhaps. [CSNW]
    • Why the owners are (mostly) right. [The OGA Blogs]
    • Why no one is (mostly) right. [Peerless]
    • Oh, and if you were hoping to see Alex Ovechkin play in North America this year, looks like the NHL is back to being your only hope. [USA Today]
  • The Islanders hope to be like the Caps. (Meanwhile, the Caps hope to be like the 1979-83 Islanders.) [SB Nation DC]
  • Listening to the Caps on FM radio sure does sound nice (though I'd settle for listening to them on a hand-cranked transistor radio right now). [DC Sports Bog]
  • Up the road in Hershey, Adam Oates (and Tomas Kundratek) will see some familiar faces this weekend. [Patriot-News (with notes from practice - where Braden Holtby was back on the ice - here)]
  • A year ago, Mattias Sjogren ditched the organization when he didn't make the NHL roster. This time around, he's sticking it out in Hershey (so far) despite there not being an NHL roster to make. What changed? [Dump 'n Chase]
  • If you're looking for a 2013 calendar with pics of minor league hockey players and their pups, boy have I got a link for you. [WGAL]
  • It looks like Tom Wilson has gone and broken a knuckle, which will likely sideline him for the Super Series. Poor Tom. [CSNW]
  • By the by, here's the fight in which he did the damage (both to himself and Mitchell Fitzmorris). [HockeyFights]
  • Chattin' with Caps prospect Patrick Koudys (who is being coached in Muskegon by short-time former Cap Jim McKenzie). [Inside Muskegon Lumberjacks]
  • Wilson and Koudys are just two of the prospects whose early-season digits are detailed in this week's prospect report. [Capitals]
  • Finally, a new rink is opening up in the District, where kids for years to come will skate while pretending to be... um... uh.... C'mon guys, we need our NHL back. [OFB]