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Thursday Caps Clips: Hammer Time

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Bidding adieu to an 82-game season, John Walton takes a side job, and you better save up if you want a Matt Clackson game-worn. Also, Russian bubble hockey.


Your surly breakfast links:

  • We begin the day with the latest news, non-news and opinion from the labor front:
    • Bill Daly told the Washington Post, "The opportunity to play an 82-game season will be lost permanently if we are not in a position to drop the puck on November 2. There is no wiggle room on this one." There remains, however, plenty of room to squirm. [WaPo]
    • The tension, it grows. [Times Colonist]
    • Here's a guide for the pointing of fingers. [Pension Plan Puppets]
    • Relax, Damien, they are still at the shape of the table stage of the negotiations. [Toronto Star]
    • Nice Winter Classic you have here. Be a shame if anything happened to it. [Puck Daddy]
      • Related - Just in time for holiday gift-giving, get your preorders in for "The Winter Classic: the NHL’s Savior". [Motivational Press]
    • Do not taunt Happy Fun Chimera. [CSNW]
  • In Euro-action, it wasn't a very good day for Dynamo, as they fell 4-0 to Torpedo. [RMNB, Alex Ovetjkin]
  • DC's top-ten athletes under the age of 25. Nicklas Backstrom and Braden Holtby, represent (but seriously, two Caps blueliners wuz robbed). [CSNW]
  • "Good morning, good afternoon, and good night Milwaukee!" Wait, what? [DC Sports Bog]
  • Come for the cartoon, stay for the lockout-inspired site banner. [RtR]
  • The going rate for a Hershey Bears sweater appears to be just about $1,500, give or take a candy bar. Unless you want a Clackson authentic. Then it'll cost you. [SHoE, Bears in Pictures]
  • NHL dreaming with Dany Sabourin. [Dump-n-Chase]
  • Finally, if you grew up wanting to play bubble hockey as CSKA against Avangard, today is the day your dreams come true. [Lutch USA]