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Bäckström: "It Felt Damn Good to Finally Play a Game Again"

Nicklas Bäckström spoke with Hockeysverige following his Dynamo debut (Backstrom was credited with an assist in the 3-0 win), and Malin Andersson provides this translation:

"It felt damn good to finally play a game again. I think it’s fair to say that I have been waiting on this for quite some time now."

What did you like the most about the game?

"As I was saying earlier - that we won the game. The first game of the season always feels a bit strange. I think you can say that it was a typical first game of the season."

How much of a role did your friend Alexander Ovechkin have on you ending up playing for Dynamo Moscow?

"He kept calling me, trying to get me to join his team. I told him from the start that my first choice was to play for Brynäs. But Brynäs told me that they didn’t want to bring on any more players at the moment. To be perfectly honest with you - I didn't have any other alternative than to play for Dynamo. If I wanted to play at all.

"Now when I’m here it feels like a great choice, and as I said, it feels so good to be playing games again."

How well did you know Richard Gynge before you arrived in Moscow?

"I played with Richard in Brynäs so we know each other fairly well. He is a pure sniper, and he is a great guy outside of rink too. Also, it’s always nice to have another Swede on the team because it’s not like people talk a lot of English in this locker room, haha...."

Why did you win tonight?

"I thought we had an overall solid effort. After we went up with 2-0 in the game it felt like we did well playing with the lead. The first period was pretty well paced but once we scored our goals we played it safe and didn’t take any unnecessary risks and it helped that our goalie, had a great game."

So what’s next for you and your team?

"We just jumped on a bus and are heading to the airport. We are flying to the town Torpedo [Ed. note: Alexander Semin's team] plays in. We play Torpedo on Wednesday."