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Friday Caps Clips: Bäckis in the USSR

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Mean Lars reunited with Sasha, more lockout lunacy, and checking in on the Caps' kiddies.

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Your savory breakfast links:

● The rumors have resolved to reality - Nicklas Backstrom heeded Alex Ovechkin's advice (and numerous phone calls) and has signed with Dynamo Moscow in the Kontinental Hockey League. Do svidaniya, Mean Lars. [Japers' Rink, WaPo, WashTimes, PHT, Eye on Hockey, NBC4]

○ Agent Ovi negotiated the deal... [Aftonbladet, Alex Ovetjkin]

○ ... and Kristoffer Backstrom asks the important question - with 19 and 91 already spoken for on the Dynamo roster, under what number will Bäckis play? [@kbackstrom85]

● Of course, this signing just throws the lockout into sharper relief. The players provided the league with three counter-offers today, none of which was apparently acceptable. [WaPo, NYT, ESPN, Toronto Sun, NYDN, Globe & Mail]

○ Here's the gist of the players' proposals. [Globe & Mail]

○ Ifs and buts, squirrels and nuts. What a terrible party this is. [ESPN, Sporting News]

○ But maybe there's a way out behind door number three. [CBC]

○ When "mutual" isn't really. [WashTimes]

Braden Holtby retains his #2 ranking, but four goals-against in that first game bear watching. [The Goalie Guild]

● Where are they now? Lockout alt-hockey Caps prospect edition:

Caleb Herbert had to be helped off the ice but returned for an assist as Minny-Duluth beat Notre Dame 3-1. Thomas DiPauli and Austin Wuthrich went pointless for the Irish. [CHS, @DavidMcCoyWSBT]

Jaynen Rissling had a bit of a go with Tim Trayber. [HockeyFights]

Connor Carrick had a goal and Thomas Wilson an assist as the Whalers prevailed over the Petes 2-1. [@PWhalers]

● Finally, happy 29th birthday to Boyd Gordon.