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Thursday Caps Clips: Trust, But Verify

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Breaking down the NHL's proposal, Ovi is a tennis fan once again, and Troy Brouwer is a new daddy.

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Lots of lockout news and opinion, so let's dive right in:

○ The NHL is takin' it to the streets, publishing their proposal right up on their website... [, NatPo]

○ ... and union boss Don Fehr responds by releasing his letter to the players via the WWL. [ESPN, TribLive, PHT]

○ Fear the Fehr? [Globe and Mail, NatPo]

○ Pierre McGuire has it figured out. [Denver Post]

○ We've always been at war with Eastasia. [Lighthouse Hockey]

○ The proposed changes to the capology could put some teams in a world of hurt. [Broad Street Hockey, Backhand Shelf, Puck Daddy]

○ A season in the balance. [ESPN]

○ Concerned players have concerns... [SI, G&M,]

○ ...though some of the Caps and the Bears are (at least publicly) cautiously optimistic. [NBC4, Patriot-News]

○ Here's a good question - something something Nats something, something something RGIII something. When might the local sports columnist choose to spill a couple barrels of ink pixels on the Caps and the lockout? [BrooksLaichYear]

● Where are they now? Lockout alt-hockey edition:

Alex Ovechkin logged some more time as a tennis spectator at the Kremlin Cup. [Alex Ovetjkin, (pics), RIA Novosti, WaPo]

Troy Brouwer is joining a few of his 2009-2010 Cup-hoisting 'mates for a charity match in Chicago... [PHT]

○ ...but not before he and his wife welcomed their new daughter Kylie Marie on Sunday. Congratulations![@TramyersCSN]

○ New assistant coach Tim Hunter went back to school... []

○ ... and John Walton has signed a short-term deal to take his talents to Milwaukee. [Capitals Voice]

Back in Hershey, Coach French is already making use of the proximity of the new affiliate in Reading PA, sending Julien Brouillette to the Royals for a one-game tuneup. [Patriot-News]

Filip Forsberg can skate. And shoot. And take out plexiglass panels with his Leksand Leap™. [Aftonbladet, RMNB]

Caleb Herbert gets high marks but has big shoes to fill. [Hockey Prospectus]

● Because puppies. [RMNB]

● Finally, happy 33rd birthday to Alex Henry.