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Monday Caps Clips: One Weekend Down, One Down Weekend

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Wrapping up a rough weekend all around for locked-out NHL fans (who lost opening weekend), Hershey/Reading fans (who lost their opening games), and DC sports fans in general (who, as always, just lose).

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Catch up on the Clips you might have missed over the weekend here and here.

● The good news: there was plenty of AHL/ECHL hockey to fill the NHL-less void this weekend. The bad news: both of the Caps' minor league affiliates lost their season openers. Le sigh. [Bears, Patriot-News, Capitals Voice]

● As opening weekend came and went with no games, what are the locked-out Caps up to? [THW, DC Pro Sports Report]

● The NHL and NHLPA might resume talks on Tuesday. Location, agenda, lunch menu, room temperature and whether it'll even happen to be decided today. [WashTimes]

● While they take their sweet time coming to an agreement, they'd be wise to look at the MLB as a cautionary tale of what could happen if another season is entirely lost. [CBC]

● The locals are getting a wee bit restless... just witness what happened when the Caps sent out a seemingly innocent tweet about a sale at the team store. Yikes. [BrooksLaichYear]

● Captain Obvious (aka Larry Brooks) reminds us all that when it comes to ending (or not ending) the lockout, the ball is in the owners' court. [NYPost]

● Running out of ways to entertain yourself while the slapfight continues? The Puck Buddys have got you covered. [Puck Buddys]

● More on Capitals President Dick Patrick and his well-deserved honor as he is presented with the Lester Patrick Trophy tonight in Dallas. [Dump 'n Chase]