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Saturday Caps Clips: The Opening Night That Wasn't

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Hershey opens its season, the lockout locks on, and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's... oh. Nevermind.

● Wait! Here's a recap of what might have been. [Peerless]

● "Adam Oates made it clear that communication with players would be a primary part of his coaching repertoire." Novel concept, that. [Capitals]

● How the East might shake out if and when they ever get around to playing. [Peerless]

● The latest news, non-news and opinion from the labor front. [TSN, WashTimes, The Star, ESPN, Backhand Shelf]

● Y'know, I was pretty pessimistic about this whole lockout silliness, but now that Mayor Gray has chimed in, I'm sure they'll be playing hockey in no time. Or not. [WTOP]

● EA Sports is getting some major free advertising as people cover their simulations of the games that aren't. Seriously. [Puck Daddy, Backhand Shelf]

● What to do with all of that sweet gear that's going unused. [RtR]

● Theoretical Cap Jack Hillen will play in a charity game in Minny (for a charity in which Matt Hendricks has been very involved). [Star Tribune]

● Oh, and D.C. United wants you, disgruntled hockey fan! [United]

● It's go time for Hershey. [Patriot-News (and again),]

● Speaking of the Bears, a run down of where you can listen to them (and the Reading Royals). [Capitals]

● Chocolatetown blueliner Patrick McNeill chats with John Walton. [Caps365 (video)]

● Of the top-10 prospects in hockey, guess who the only one is that doesn't have an NHL contract. [HF]

● Catching up with Killer Kaminski. [Capitals]

● Finally, happy 47th birthday to Paul Cavallini.

● Actually, finally, condolences and congrats to the Nats and their fans on a hell of a season - you'll get 'em next year... welcome to our world.