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Sunday Caps Clips: Chara @ Alfredsson Game Day

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Your savory Sunday brunch links:

  • Day Three of the All-Star Weekend is in the books, with Team Alfie enjoying a more-than-comfortable 21-12 lead over Team Too Tall.
  • Dennis Wideman enjoying his day in the sun. [CSNW, WashTimes, SBNation DC, Dump 'n' Chase]
    • Here he is banging home one-timers for the Skills Relay Challenge. [Caps365 (video)]
    • And here he is softening up the net for Captain Chara in the Hardest Shot event. [RMNB, Caps365 (video), (video), WashTimes]
  • Brendan Shanahan gets the final thoughts on Alex Ovechkin's choice. "I think I respect it," says he. [WashTimes, Puck Daddy]
  • The Hershey Bears split a pair of games with the Norfolk Admirals before heading to their own All-Star break.
    • In those two games, Braden Holtby stopped 82 of 86 shots, leading to this awesome Adsblogger's lament: "Holtby'd again." [Bolt Prospects, SHoE (Friday), SHoE (Saturday)]
    • Boyd Kane is the perfect choice for "playing captain" at the All-Star Game. [DSP]
  • Finally, we've got a bumper crop of birthdays: Ed Kastelic is 48, Jason Doig is 35, Roman Tvrdon is 31, and Chris Bourque celebrates his 26th birthday as an AHL All-Star today. Many happy returns, gents (and here's to the late Wayne Stephenson, who would've been 67 today).

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