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D.C. Lottery Capitals Scratcher and Second Chance Drawing

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[Ed. Note: This is a sponsored post]

By now you're well aware from some of the advertising on this site and on Comcast Sportsnet television that the D.C. Lottery has a Caps scratcher out there with a top prize of $50,000.

There are also second-chance drawings with prizes including:

1st Prize: Capital® for a Day w/2 Acela Club Ledge Tickets (1 Winner) (Game Date: 3/23/12, @ 7pm)

2nd Prize: Pair of Acela Club Ledge Tickets (3 Winners)

3rd Prize: Autographed Capitals® hockey stick (2 Winners)

4th Prize: Autographed Capitals® hockey puck (2 Winners)

5th Prize: Capitals® team merchandise (20 Winners)

So check out the site, the scratchers and the second-chance drawings, and good luck!