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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Mike Knuble is focused, and already thinking about his next contract. [CI (El-Bashir), PHT]
  • Mike Green is focused, and his hair is in mid-season form. [TSN (video), RMNB]
  • Alex Ovechkin is focused... on his charity game back in Moscow. [Alex Ovetjkin, Voice of Russia]
  • It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but AO, it would seem, needs him some Bauer. [Hockey Hourly]
  • Regardless of twig, Ovi is still your best portside option for fantasy puck. [ (Cubeta)]
  • If you've been trying to envision Roman Hamrlik in a Caps uniform by squinting at various pictures of him in Montreal's bleu, blanc et rouge, here's an image that'll get you a bit closer to the real thing. [, FanShot]
  • A hearty "Welcome to the blogosphere" to the new voice of the Caps, John Walton. [Capitals Voice]
  • Kids say the darndest things... like Cody Eakin saying "I want to go there and make the team." [CSN Washington (video), with a bit more from Eakin at the Toronto Star]
  • Finally... vote. [CBS Washington]

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