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Tuesday Caps Clips

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<em>John Carlson on the, uh, pitch. (Photo via Washington Capitals)</em>
John Carlson on the, uh, pitch. (Photo via Washington Capitals)

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Alex Ovechkin bolts CCM for Bauer... [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • ... as his acting chops net The Worldwide Leader an award... [ESPN]
  • ... and a picture of him from last weekend surfaces, allowing you maniacs to over-analyze his midsection. [Alex Ovejkin]
  • Leftovers from John Carlson's foray into the beautiful game. [Capitals Overtime (video), (Masisak)]
  • Joel Ward: elite role player? [CRtC]
  • The first day of August also marked the first day of on-ice practice for the Swedish Elitserien's 2011-2012 season as Bäckis, Mackan och Sjöa each hit the ice with their former teams. Malin breaks it all down for you. [Hockey Ramblings]
  • Good news, Caps fans - CSN Washington has a new "Capitals Insider for Digital Media" (a.k.a. beat writer). [CSN Washington]
  • Peter Bondra's son David will turn nineteen soon and is looking to his future. Here he is talking about his most recent race with his dad, the number 12, and potentially choosing among Harvard, Yale, and Michigan State. [Hokej Pravda, via GoogleTrans]
  • Finally, happy 50th birthday to Torrie Robertson.

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