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Thursday Caps Clips

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Photo by Bridget Samuels, <a href="" target="new">via Flickr</a>
Photo by Bridget Samuels, via Flickr

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Et tu, Brads? And thus began Justdoesntcaregate. [CI (Applebaum), WaPo (El-Bashir), WashTimes (Whyno), CW (Whyno), Puck Daddy, SB Nation DC (Vingan), DCEx (McNally), PeerlessPHT, CSN Washington, Houses of the Hockey, Sportsnet (Marek), ESPN (Burnside), RtR, Hockey Independent (Scriven), Alex Ovetjkin, RMNB, Litter Box Cats, TSN]
  • "Turning Paper Into Reality" would look pretty good on the back of a training camp t-shirt. [Dump 'n Chase]
  • Bruce Boudreau on outlawing icing on the penalty kill. [PHT, National Post]
  • "I didn’t give Ovechkin enough credit." No, that's not a quote from every Canadian hockey journalist from next June, it's from The Post's Jason Reid from yesterday. [WaPo (Reid)]
  • Speaking of Ovi, if you could pick among hanging out with him at the front row at Washington Fashion Week (such a thing exists?), at a restaurant dinner or video arcade session, or having a home cooked meal at his home, what are you taking? [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Hendy's Heroes needs heroes... and you could be one. [FanPost]
  • Chris Bourque will get a chance to pick up where he left off last decade - piling up numbers in Central PA. [Pennsylvania Puck]
  • Speaking of minor leaguers, the Flyers' rookie campers will host their Capitals counterparts at Wells Fargo Center on September 15. [Capitals]
  • A family tree of NHL general managers. Neat-o. [Copper & Blue]
  • The Flyers have invited Michael Nylander to training camp on a tryout basis, which is good to hear because it means that Philly is totally desperate he's recovered enough from his broken neck to give pro hockey another shot. [CBC]
  • Get ready for Hockey Night featuring Rod Langway, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs fans. [SoMD Blue Crabs]
  • Your (mostly) daily reminder to take two seconds to go vote. [CBS Washington]
  • Finally, happy 49th birthday to Geoff Courtnall and happy 60th to Bruce Cowick.

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