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Saturday Caps Clips

Your savory Saturday brunch links:

  • So Tomas Vokoun  could be kinda good in Washington.  Like, shiny-trophy-hoisting kinda good... [RMNB]
  • ...or not. Thank goodness this is the last one.  [Puck Daddy]
  • Consistent Mike Knuble is consistent.  And will play his 1,000th game sometime this season.  [Capitals Overtime]
  • The Hershey Bears have re-signed Joel Rechlicz and his fists of fury. Which possibly means D.J. King keeps his roster slot in DC. [Lebanon Daily News]
  • The NHL draft class of 2011 is so six weeks ago.  The 2012 draft class? Let's just say that teams that hold potential lottery picks and like offensively talented Russians are paying close attention.  [Dobber Hockey]
  • "...when Americans start to get good at something they take over.  So if I’m a Canadian I’m watching out." [CSN Washington (Raby)]
  • Alex Ovechkin plays hockey like he's a kid in a candy store.  So it seems right that he's now a face on a candy bar. [@brettleonhardt, Alex Ovetjkin, RMNB, Mr. Big on Facebook]
  • What's better than beer and Caps hockey?  A news aggregator that covers beer, and Caps hockey. [The Driveway Beers Daily]
  • Congrats to Peerless and the cousins on the occasion of their sixth blogiversary. Keep on keeping on. [The Peerless Prognisticator]
  • Finally, John Carlson is "pretty pumped" to get to meet (and maybe play with) his boyhood hero Nomar Garciaparra at that charity soccer match tomorrow.  [ (Masisak), Celebrity Soccer Challenge]

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