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Saturday Caps Clips

<em>via the shoebox next to JP's desk.</em>
via the shoebox next to JP's desk.

Your savory slow-news-Saturday brunch links:

  • Thirty questions for thirty teams as they look to the upcoming season.  Spoiler: The answers to the Caps' questions are "We're counting on it!" and "Hell no." [THN]
  • Caps' goaltending is top-five deep in the League... [The Goalie Guild]
  • ...and Justin Goldman explains his methodology. [@The Goalie Guild (audio)]
  • Worth it / Not Worth it - a look at the NHL's $7 million dollar men. [The Star]
  • Twenty of the funniest commercials featuring hockey players.  You-know-who hams it up in four of them. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Some mullets, a skullet, Chris Simon's flow and Sasha Semin repping the New Era of Hockey Hair in this gallery of "Best Hockey Hair."  [NHL on Facebook]
  • Ryan Kennedy reported from the NHL merchandising trade show for a sneak peek at what all the cool kids will be wearing come September... [THN]
  • ...and though exactly zero Caps items are featured in the video, here are a couple of new vintage-y shirts from Red Jacket that are pretty sweet. [This one especially, and also this one]
  • Uncle Ted sits down for a chat with Greg Wyshynski, and namechecks SB Nation.  Holla!  [Puck Daddy]
  • Finally, happy 42nd birthday to both Dmitri Khristich and Andrew Cassels.

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