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Friday Caps Clips

<em>Photo by Bridget Samuels, <a href="" target="new">via Flickr</a></em>
Photo by Bridget Samuels, via Flickr

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Out at Kettler, Group A hits the ice at 9:30am; Group B laces up at 11:15am. Here's coverage from yesterday's goings on at KCI:
  • Back on the Caps' side of the ledger:
    • Negotiations continue between the organization and Karl Alzner's agent. [CI (Carrera)]
    • It's time for the team's core players to take on that leadership role ... [ (Masisak)]
    • ...and if you look at the offseason moves, they have one heck of a team to lead. [ (Masisak), NHL Hot Stove]
    • To prime or not to prime. That is the question. [SteinBog]
    • Troy Brouwer may need more time to heal up that repaired shoulder. [CW (Whyno)]
  • #fancystats:
    • Corsi rankings. [RLS]
    • The growth of Nicklas Backstrom. [Ibid]
    • And an interesting study on which NHLers hit the net least ... and most. [TSN (Cullen)]
  • After the scrimmage tomorrow, the fine folks at Russian Machine are hosting a party at Front Page.  Always a good time. [RMNB]
  • Finally, wishing Bryan Helmer a very happy 39th birthday.