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Monday Caps Clips

<em>via the shoebox next to my desk</em>
via the shoebox next to my desk

Your savory breakfast links:

  • A bunch of individual player season reviews:
    • Mike Green... [Peerless]
    • ... John Erskine... [Peerless]
    • ... Marco Sturm... [CI (Carrera)]
    • ... and Tyler Sloan. [CI (Carrera)]
  • Speaking of Green and player reviews, I wonder if this would've earned him a bump in our Rink Wrap voting as an example of "exceeding expectations." [Las Vegas News]
  • An overview of free agency. [Blonde Girl's Guide]
  • Congrats, 400-level Caps fans - you're rich... [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • ... but that doesn't mean you can lean forward in your seat. [Mike Holden's Blog]
  • The Captain's feet, doing some good. [CharityBuzz]
  • Finally, happy 37th birthday to Anson Carter and happy 28th (give or take) to voice-o'-the-Caps Wes Johnson.

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