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Sunday Caps Clips: Draft All Done

Your savory Sunday brunch links:

  • With picks at #114, #147, #177, and #207, the Caps have completed their dance card for the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. [CSN Washington (and again)]
  • Post-draft pressers. [Caps365 video (McPhee, Mahoney, Prior)]
  • Meet the newest new guys: 
  • Say, that's a whole lotta college guys... [CI (Carrera)]
  • ...maybe because GMGM is looking long-term. [WashTimes (Whyno)]
  • Draft roundups. [RMNB, RLS, WaPo (Carrera)]
  • Troy Brouwer power! [Kings of Leonsis, Ed Frankovic, Caps News Network]
    • He's happy to be here, hopes he can help the team. [CI (Carrera)]
    • And he's crazy about his beagle.  Does he know the Caps have a Beagle too? [Blackhawks TV]
    • Troy Brouwer as important as Alex Ovechkin? Not so crazy, when you think about it. [Peerless]
    • Power-up. [TSN (Cullen)]
    • A move to the Caps moves Brouwer up on the fantasy radar. [Dobber]
    • So. About that recently repaired shoulder... [CW (Whyno)]
  • Finally, happy 31st birthday to John Erskine.

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