Caps Soft Goal Results

Here's the results I've come up with for soft goals against the Caps this season. It's a tough line to draw, so I'm sure there will be disagreement. In general, I thought I was pretty kind to the goalies (and the goalies will likely disagree with me!), but I tried to hold them accountable for their mistakes. Where I didn't give a goalie a knock for a soft goal, but saw an argument for one, I denote the goal with an asterisk in the comments. All of the goals are available in the highlights. Feel free to go watch the goals and form your opinion.

First, I should start with the standard. After discussion with my peers, I've decided to focus on whether or not there was a reasonable expectation for the goalie to make the save. That meant two things: first, most prime scoring chances are not going to be a soft goal. Second, style points don't really count. If the goalie is in a position where he has to bail out the team, it's not reasonable to expect the save. If the goalie, while trying to bail out the team, ends up fishing his jock out of the net because Thomas Vanek made him look silly, that's not going to be a soft goal. However, if the goalie looks ugly, and in doing so kicks what should have been a manageable rebound into the slot, then there's a soft goal.

Here is the spreadsheet I've compiled. There's a lot in there, you can sort by game, goalie, soft/not soft, and home/away. J.P. has also added which skaters were on the ice for the soft goals, as well as situation and period.

A quick tale of the tape:


Soft Goals: 17

Total Goals: 110

Shots: 1283

Minutes: 2689

*: 18

SG/TG: .155

S/SG: 75.47

M/SG: 158.18


Soft Goals: 10

Total Goals: 58

Shots: 759

Minutes: 1560

*: 11

SG/TG: .172

S/SG: 75.9

M/SG: 156


Soft Goals: 9

Total Goals: 22

Shots: 332

Minutes: 736

*: 2

SG/TG: .409

S/SG: 36.89

M/SG: 81.78

Skater on ice for the most soft goals? Karl Alzner (14).

29 at ES, 6 on the PK, 1 at 4/4 (OT), 15 in the 1st, 11 in the 2nd, 9 in the 3rd, 1 in OT.

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