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Capitals/Rangers: Knuckles and Bongos

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Two years ago, we ran a post looking at the post-lockout pugilistic history between the Caps and Rangers. And as we like to recycle content whenever we can the two teams have grown increasingly less fond of each other since then, we thought it would be nice to take a stroll down fisticuffs lane to start to get in the right frame of mind for the best-of-seven series that starts Wednesday night.

So here's the list of all the fights between the Caps and Rangers since the start of the 2005-06 season (ranked as rated by you, the fans, at

Combatants Date Rating Winner
Matt Bradley vs. Aaron Voros 11/17/09 7.6 Voros
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 2/11/09 7.6 Orr
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 12/12/07 7.4 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Brendan Shanahan 12/30/06 6.5 Brashear
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 12/30/06 6.5 Brashear
Matt Bradley vs. Aaron Voros 2/11/09 6.2 Voros
Chris Clark vs. Wade Redden 1/3/09 6.1 Redden
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 2/10/07 5.5 Brashear
Matt Hendricks vs. Sean Avery 12/12/10 5.4 Avery
Brian Sutherby vs. Ryan Hollweg 2/10/07 5.2 Sutherby
Alex Ovechkin vs. Brandon Dubinsky 12/12/10 5.1 Dubinsky
Jason Chimera vs. Michael Sauer 2/25/11 4.5 Sauer
Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr 11/11/06 4.5 Brashear
Mike Green vs. Brandon Dubinksy 11/9/10 4.3 Green
Alexander Semin vs. Marc Staal 1/3/09 4.1 Staal
Matt Hendricks vs. Michael Sauer 12/12/10 3.8 Sauer
Shaone Morrisonn vs. Colton Orr 12/30/06 3.6 Orr
Chris Clark vs. Jason Strudwick 12/3/05 NR N/A

Finally, here are those top two tussles:

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