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Thursday Caps Clips: Ovechkin Speaks

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice. [WashTimes (Whyno: article, blog, blog), (Masisak), WaPo (Carrera: article, blog, blog), 106.7 The Fan (Kerstein) and bridgetds (pics)]
  • Some leftovers from Tuesday night's game. [ (Rosen), Hard Hits]
  • So is it officially "The Hendricks"? [D.C. Sports Bog, FanShot]
  • Mr. MoJo risin'. [Dump 'n Chase]
  • With players down, Mike Knuble steps up. [WashTimes (Whyno)]
  • Mike Milbury chimes in on resting Alex Ovechkin. [PHT (with some guesses as to just what exactly the injury is at RtR)]
  • If you're George McPhee, you present restricted-free-agent-to-be Semyon Varlamov with a contract extension identical to that which Michal Neuvirth signed earlier in the season and tell him that's the best you can do. If you're Semyon Varlamov, this is how you respond. [Homer McFanboy, SB Nation DC]
  • Speaking of GMGM, who deserves more credit for the team's turnaround - him or Bruce Boudreau? [CI (video)]
  • And back to Varly, something weird is going on with him (his words, not mine). [RMNB]
  • Worth a click just for the "What's wrong..." nugget. [HotH]
  • Just how good are the Caps' special teams? [RtR]
  • Now that the playoff berth is secured, some thoughts on possible first-round opponents. [StC]
  • Marcus Johansson is one of three Caps rookies (and the only "true freshman" on the team) who might make a big impact on this year's post-season. [ESPN (Hradek, $)]
  • Is there anything to this whole "peaking at the right time" business? [MD Pro Sports]
  • The Caps might finally have "the right stuff" this time around (and hopefully it's more this kind than this kind). [Versus (Lepore)]
  • Looks like the team won't be opening next season in Russia after all. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Caps are a bunch of cheaters, but they're not dirty cheaters, so there's that. [SB Nation]
  • Ironically, combining a Charlie Sheen catch phrase (which describes something the local pucks squad has never done much of in the spring) with the Caps' secondary logo is the exact opposite of "Winning." [Puck Daddy, D.C. Sports Bog]
  • The ECHL is justifiably proud of alum Braden Holtby. []
  • John Walton and Mike Vogel chat Caps. []
  • A look at Stan Galiev. [CRtC]
  • Finally, happy 56th birthday to Doug Jarvis, who probably never sat to rest up for the playoffs.

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