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Thursday Caps Clips: More Questions, Few Answers

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Where's the spark? [CI (Carrera)]
  • The team really could use a healthy and productive Mike Green... [SB Nation DC]
  • ... and a healthy and productive Alex Semin... [CI (Wang)]
  • ... heck, all four Young Guns have underperformed this season. [Hockey Independent (Scriven)]
  • Semin speaks! [RMNB]
  • Check out Brooks Laich (8:45 this morning) and Green (5:15 this evening) doing their weekly radio hits on 106.7 The Fan.
  • Do defensive-minded team fare better come playoff time? [RMNB]
  • On twigs. [RtR]
  • New at Verizon Center: magical beer. Magical, terrible beer. [D.C. Sports Bog, SB Nation DC, Ted's Take]
  • Can the Caps catch the Bolts? [Caps 'Round the Clock]
  • A different take on Caps/Pens. [RtR]
  • Rebranding the Caps. [PuckDrawn]
  • Sam Carrier cracks the Top 10 drafted defensemen in the Q. [HF]
  • Five-on-five with Caps News Networks' Dave Nichols. [Puck Buddys]
  • Finally, putting a wrap on Nateapalooza (with a side of Stretch). Miss you already, boys. [D.C. Sports Bog, Dump 'n Chase]

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