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The Noon Number

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59 - Number of times the Caps' have gotten goals from Alexanders Ovechkin and Semin in the same game, which happened last night for this first time this season. Some notes on the double-shots of Vitamin A:

  • The Caps are 46-6-7 (including 4-0 in the playoffs) when they get a goal from each.
  • They've won 19-consecutive games (including playoffs) when it happens; the last time they lost one such game in regulation was April 11, 2009.
  • The team's record is even better when the two Russian wingers score at even-strength in the same game - 29-4-2 (including 4-0 in the playoffs).
  • Add in a tally from Nicklas Backstrom and the team has gone 12-0-0.
  • While last night marked the first time both Alexes scored in a game this season, it used to be a pretty common occurrence, happening 10 times in each of the past two seasons, 14 times in 2008-09, 13 times in 2007-08 and 11 times in 2006-07 (playoffs included in each season).