Happy Mike Knuble Day!

Mike Knuble will join the exclusive 1,000 games played club on Tuesday, and we here at Japers' Rink want to congratulate him on that tremendous achievement! Our favorite Penguin Slayer has rocked the red for 179 regular season games and counting. Below are some of the man affectionately known as Grandpa Slippers Caps and career highlights. Please feel free to contribute in the comments!

Mike Knuble talks about reaching the 1,000 game milestone. This one is well worth your time!

Donna Weaver recently did a fantastic photo shoot with the Knuble family. Tell me the Knublets aren't the cutest kids ever.

Tarik El Bashir's wonderful profile of Mike Knuble from earlier this season.

Being a hockey dad, though, has also benefited Knuble. In the intense world of professional sports he navigates daily, he said it’s a pressure valve. When he’s watching his children’s games, he’s not thinking about his job.

Knuble is also a past nominee for the Bill Masterton for dedication to hockey. It was Knuble's parents, who fled Latvia as children at the end of World War II, who instilled the values of hard work, charity, and perseverance in Mike and his younger brother, Steve.

Some of Knuble's most memorable moments:

Mike Knuble's gross pinkie finger injury, complete with pictures.

The time he broke his face by running into Brendan Shanahan:

The Winter Classic goal

that gave us one of the great pictures from the 2011 Winter Classic:


Mike also was one of the stars of the 2009-2010 edition of The Hockey Diaries radio show. Make sure to check out the extras that didn't make the show's final cut.

Mike Knuble's first game went down in hockey lore. Come from the brawl, stay for the Mike Knuble cameo.

I'm so excited that Mike Knuble is playing his 1,000th game in a Capitals sweater. I can't imagine a better person to be part of the Capitals family, and I cannot wait to see all his teammates take warm-ups tomorrow in #22 sweaters. Here's to

Mike Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuble!

and many more wonderful games in the future!

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