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Monday Caps Clips: Back to Work

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • After a day off on Sunday, the Caps will prepare for Tuesday against the Flyers and then a Winnipeg-Colorado roadie.
  • The Week That Was, Volume 10. [Peerless]
    • Picking the Caps Top Six. It's easier when you can actually see progress. [KOL]
    • Look for our Ups and Downs coming your way at 11.
  • Winning puts teh fun back in the room. [WashTimes]
  • Alex Ovechkin, shotblocka. [WashTimes]
  • In which The Pride of Washington and Greene Counties, PA admits he didn't do the basic research for his assertions (but provides no explanation of where he did, in fact, base his assertions) and issues an apology for his failure, then goes on to stick to his not-smoking guns. Also, the discovery that Russia apparently has Internet and pays attention to the ramblings of a humble scribe from Western Pennsylvania. Who knew? Good going, John Steigerwald. [Observer-Reporter]
  • Say hey Olie Kolzig, Sibley Hospital Magazine's Fall 2011 cover-boy. On page 2, you'll meet Dr. Benjamin Shaffer, Olie's orthopedic surgeon. [Sibley On Health, with a stick tap to sk84fun_dc]
  • Reflecting, sorta, on last year's trade of Tomas Fleischmann and the contract extension for Alexander Semin. [Power Scout Hockey]
  • Finally, y'know when the teevee broadcast of a Caps game makes you want to yell and throw things at it? This blog is keeping track. [Action on the Ice]

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