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Thursday Caps Clips: Accountability, FTW

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice:
    • In general. [Caps365 video (Kettler Report, Boudreau, Ovechkin), 106.7 The Fan (Kerstein)]
    • Mike Green took the ice yesterday for practice.  Ten minutes later, he took himself off the ice. Oh boy. [CW (Whyno), DCEx (McNally), CI (Carrera), CSNW (Gormley)]
    • Not on ice at all? Troy Brouwer. Officially, a maintenance day. Unofficially, maybe really a maintenance day. In Brouwer's absence, Joel Ward stepped up to top line duties. [CI (Carrera), and againCW (Whyno), DCEx (McNally)]
    • Having cleared waivers, D.J. King returned to Caps practice... [CW (Whyno), DCEx (McNally)]
    • ... and Jeff Halpern pondered the meaning of his healthy scratch. [CW (Whyno)]
  • Some leftovers from Caps-Ducks:
    • Admit it. That win was kinda fun. [OFB]
    • Cody Eakin sure enjoyed his NHL debut ... [CW (Whyno), SHoE]
    • ... as did John Erskine (his season debut, that is). [CW (Whyno), KOL]
    • Oh hai there Andrew Gordon, how is life in Anaheim? We miss you, y'know. [RMNB]
    • In case you didn't notice, Nicklas Backstrom had a bit of a monster game. [CW (Whyno)]
    • Tomas Vokoun probably didn't but it all worked out anyway. [CW (Whyno)]
    • So, Mathieu Perreault. Do you come here often? [Chirps from the Ledge]
  • But we digress. On to Alex Ovechkin, Bruce Boudreau, and The Benching Heard 'Round The Hockey World. Pageviews, here we come!
  • Finally, happy 42nd birthday to Jim McKenzie.

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