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Saturday Caps Clips: Ragged; Caps @ Sabres Game Day

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's loss from us, Caps365 video (Boudreau, players), Vogs, Capitals Voice (audio),, WaPo (gamer, blog), WashTimes (gamer), CSN Washington (gamer, blog), DCEx (gamer, blog), 106.7 The Fan, Frankovic, SB Nation DC, KOL, OFB, DSP, RtR, Examiner, RMNB and clydeorama.
  • Previews of tonight's soirée with the Swords from Vogs, and CRtC, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner Die By The Blade for more coverage from the other side of tonight's match-up.
  • We could all use a laugh or twenty, so here are a bunch. [Down Goes Brown]
  • A few words on Alex Ovechkin and his inability to score at Verizon Center (prior to yesterday's goal, that is). [WaPo, CSNW]
  • And today in "What's wrong with AO?" [Gazette]
  • So is a lighter workload suiting Tomas Vokoun? [CSNW]
  • Can the run-and-gun Caps who turned into the trap-and-trap Caps and now are the... well-I'm-not-sure Caps become Stanley Cup Champion Caps? [Score Nation, CapCentre]
  • One more question: is the Caps' road record cause for concern? [Sick, Unbelievable]
  • Short shifts sink ships. But in a good way. Or something. [OFB]
  • A Movember mo' update. [Caps Outsider]
  • And if you want to get a much closer look at those 'staches, here's your chance. [CSNW]
  • Pretty sweet Caps/Bears mash-up sweater going on up in Hershey. [Capitals Overtime]
  • Finally, happy anniversary to us - three years ago today we (well, I) came over to SB Nation. We've all built a heck of a community since then, so thanks to all of our writers, readers and commenters for making what we are.

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