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Capitals Thanksgiving Week Ticket Deals

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming a bit early this year, next week will be a short week and we've got an opportunity for you find some great deals on Caps tickets for two different match-ups.

Want to start the holiday "revelry" early? Grab some tickets for Wednesday night as the Caps take on Winnipeg at Verizon Center. The game average ticket price sits at $125, more than $10 below the Caps' home avg price of $136 and thanks to TiqIQ's "Pick Your Price" feature you can save even more. With an offer of around $90 on some "4-star" tickets (100-level behind goals - $168 retail value) you can save more than $75 per ticket!

Can't make Wednesday? Well get some "Black Friday" deals for Friday's big match-up with the Rangers. Average price for this one is a steep $198, well above home average, but with an offer of $90 on some 1-star tickets you can still save 25% or more off retail price.

So click through (here for the Jets game, here for the Rangers) and see what you can find. Even if you're not actively looking for tickets, give a click and check out how TiqIQ works - we'll be bringing you more deals in the future, so it wouldn't hurt for you to familiarize yourself with the site (and yes, in the interest of full disclosure, we do get a little something for your clicks, so you'll be helping us out, too).