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The Noon Number

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1.92 - The difference between Michal Neuvirth's and Tomas Vokoun's preseason goals against average.

Per Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times, Neuvirth ended the preseason with a 1.34 GAA and .940 save percentage in three games (two wins, one loss), while Vokoun came in at 3.26/.870 in his three (one win, two losses).

But there is no goalie controversy in D.C. (at least not yet). As Bruce Boudreau put it:

"You got guys that come in that deserve the respect, and Tomas has earned that. ... Michal's been very good. I wouldn't have any problem, and Michal's going to play a lot of hockey this year. But I don't think you look at that, and it'd be like saying, OK, Jason Chimera played Alex Ovechkin in the preseason – does that mean Jason Chimera is now the No. 1 left wing over Alex Ovechkin? I don't think that's a fair question."

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