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Rod Langway, High Fives and Free Tickets

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<em>Photo via Washington Capitals</em>
Photo via Washington Capitals

Want to win 5x the tickets to an upcoming Caps game? Of course you do. Here's one way you can:

In celebration of the launch of Capital One Bank’s High Yield Checking, Caps fans can grab a friend this weekend and show off their favorite "High Five" before a panel of judges - including Capitals alumnus and Hall of Famer Rod Langway and myself and Pepper from this l'il ol' website - for the chance to enter and win five tickets to an upcoming Capitals game.

The contest takes place at The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille’s Verizon Center location on Saturday before the Red Wings game from 4:30 - 6:30. And if you don't win then, on October 24, an online photo sweepstakes will kick off, giving fans in the greater Washington area another opportunity to "High Five" and enter for the chance to win five tickets to an upcoming game.

Easy enough, right? See you on Saturday... and I'm hoping someone can top this.

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