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Saturday Caps Clips: Sens @ Caps Game Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's rumble with the Senators from Vogs, (Masisak), Peerless, SB Nation DC (Vingan), RMNB, RtR, and CRtC, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner Silver Seven for more coverage from the other side of tonight's match-up.
  • Non-Asham/Beagle news from yesterday:
    • Kettler Report [Caps365 (video, with links to Boudreau and player scrums)]
    • Michal Neuvirth is getting better and expected to practice today. [CW (Whyno), CI (Applebaum)]
    • Brooks Laich had some no-doubt-well-intentioned-but-frankly-misguided things to say about the League's concussion protocols. [Puck Daddy, WashTimes (Whyno), CSNW (Gormley), CI (Carrera), PHT]
  • And onto GoToSleepgate fallout:
    • First and foremost, Beagle's showing no concussion symptoms, so that's great news. [WaPo (Carrera), CW (Whyno), SB Nation DC (Vingan)]
    • Asham apologized... [CI (Carrera)]
    • ... said, "He started it!"... [CI (Applebaum)]
    • ... called Alex Ovechkin a hypocrite (because apparently celebrating a goal and inflicting a traumatic head injury upon an opponent are indistinguishable)... [CW (Whyno), CI (Carrera), CSNW (Gormley), PHT]
    • ... and won't be punished further by the League. [CW (Whyno)]
    • Plenty of interesting takes on the incident and aftermath (you really should read these). [TSN (McKenzie), Backhand Shelf, THN (Campbell), Deadspin, DC Sports Bog, (Hackel), FanPost, Toronto Star (Cox)]
    • Can we move on now? [WashTimes (Whyno)]
  • Meanwhile, the world waits patiently for the follow-up to 2009's Caps/Pens playoff series... [ (Masisak)]
  • ... as the rivalry that never died lives. [DSP]
  • Look no further than the shift charts for evidence of the Caps' deep depth. [Dump 'n Chase, Peerless]
  • Mike Knuble continues to be a Ghostface Penguin Killah. [CW (Whyno)]
  • The Caps aren't closing (and coffee's for closers only). [KOL]
  • Bruce Boudreau did his now-weekly spot on LaVar and Dukes yesterday. [106.7 The Fan (audio)]
  • Five things we know after week one... [Sick, Unbelievable]
  • ... and five things we don't. [Sick, Unbelievable]
  • Personally, I'd take losing pretty over winning ugly right now, but to each his own. [Box Seats (Cooper)]
  • The boys sure do clean up nice. [Capitol File Magazine here and here)]
  • Wild night in Norfolk - Bears win 7-5. [Patriot-News (Leone)]
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov is D.C.'s top prospect who isn't a douche. [DC Pro Sports Report]
  • Finally, congrats to Roman Hamrlik, who will become the NHL's all-time leader in games played by a Czech-born player tonight. Na zdraví! [WashTimes (Whyno), CI (Carrera)]

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