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Tuesday Caps Clips: Bolts @ Caps Game Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's tussle with Tampa (and their new old goalie) from Vogs, (Kimelman), ESPN (Burnside), PeerlessStC, RtR, KG's District, KOL and WC2010, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner Raw Charge for more coverage from the other side of tonight's match up.
  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice. [Caps365 (video), CI, CI, CI, DCEx]
  • The always great "30 Thoughts" are always greater when they're Caps-heavy, as is the case this week. [CBC (Friedman)]
  • Related: ring the bell, it's time to go to school. [FanPost]
  • Yesterday's radio hits:
    • Eric Fehr on LaVar and Dukes... [106.7 The Fan (audio)]
    • ... Karl Alzner on The Sports Reporters... [ESPN 980 (audio)]
    • ... Bruce Boudreau on NHL Live!... [NHL Live! (audio)]
    • ... and Kirk and Mike... [105.9 The Edge (audio)]
    • ... and Alan May on The Sports Fix. [ESPN 980 (audio)]
  • Read enough about the Winter Classic? Seen enough pictures? No? Then here's another link dump just for you. [Dump 'n Chase, FanHouse (Gretz), Empty Netters, Puck The Media, SI (Hackel), OFB (post, post, pics), Box Seats, Box Seats, PensBlog, Capitals Outsider (on Erskine's fight, Upper Deck's WC cards, pics), RtR, clydeorama (pics)]
  • The Classic was the highest-rated regular season game of my lifetime. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • Hey, look - an extra apple for Jason Chimera. [@nateewell]
  • Could January 1, 2011 be the day the franchise turned around? Sounds a bit dramatic to me. [Business Insider]
  • Alex Ovechkin's top five plays of the week. [CSN Washington (video)]
  • AO and Sid: not BFFs. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • David Gregory with a Caps shout-out on Meet the Press. [MSNBC (at the very end of the transcript)]
  • 82 decisions in, the Caps' young netminders are lookin' mighty fine. [Peerless]
  • An Ovechtrick - what're the odds? [RMNB]
  • The Boss's new castle would be a nice setting for a Cup celebration. [SB Nation DC]
  • OV-1? Really? [SB Nation DC]
  • Another day, another Ovi ad (albeit a pretty great one this time around). [YouTube]
  • Bear Tracks! [LDN]
  • Sean Collins is waiting for another chance in the show. [LDN]
  • Day 9 at Worlds saw three Caps prospects make their respective ways to the Finals. [KG's District]
  • One who didn't - Patrick Wey - still showed a lot in the tourney. [Capitals]
  • Finally, congrats to our good friend Corey Masisak who is once again leaving us, though this time on his own terms as he has taken a job with in New York. Just over a year ago, when the Washington Times decided it didn't care about sports anymore, I wrote this, and it's every bit as true today - this is a huge loss for hockey in Washington. Godspeed, Corey.

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