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Monday Caps Clips: Back to Work

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Alex Ovechkin makes All-Star Game history. [FanHouse (Perez), SB Nation, CI]
  • More coverage of the Caps at the ASG. [CSN Washington (Worgo), Puckhead, SB Nation DC, WaPo (Carrera)]
  • The Caps have been voted by their peers as the NHL's most overrated team... [Puck Daddy, SB Nation DC]
  • ... and Ovechkin is the League's most difficult player to stop. [CBC]
  • A look ahead to the second half (or, technically, final 31/82) of the season. [KOL]
  • Maybe last year's regular season wasn't all luck after all. [Hockey Analysis (in response to BtN)]
  • On AO's down year. [Red Line Station]
  • John Carlson is still very much a Calder contender. [HF]
  • Brian Fahey won the AHL's hardest shot competition. I did not see that one coming. [Patriot-News (Leone), SHoE (tons of pics), SHoE]
  • Finally, one wonders what the ice at Verizon Center will be like tomorrow night after this yesterday this past weekend.

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