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Sunday Caps Clips: Lidstrom @ Staal All-Star Game Day

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Your savory Sunday brunch links:

  • Team Staal, FTW. [News & Observer]
  • Alex Ovechkin, the once, current, and future Breakaway Challenge king. [CI, (Rosen), Globe & Mail, ESPN, VersusPHTNHL FanHouseSB Nation DC, RMNB, Alex]
  • King of the Hardest Shot Challenge? Not so much. [Puck Daddy, ESPN
  • Say, whatever happened to that broken stick? [@sbaicker]
  • And what did Ovi say to Patrick Kane afterwards? [Blackhawks TV]
  • Forget Kaner - what did he say to the pretty lady on the red carpet beforehand? [RMNB]
  • Jill Sorenson caught up with the Caps' other All-Star. [CSN Washington (video)]
  • When the All-Star break is over, the Canadiens come to DC.  They're hoping the Caps haven't found their game by then... [Montreal Gazette]
  • ...while others are hoping the Caps won't continue to be uninspired and unwatchable. [OFB]
  • The team is moving closer to a decision on a season start in Europe.  [CI]
  • How is Alexander Semin like Esa Tikkanen? [Red Line Station]
  • Three great young goalies, flexible cap space and the trade deadline on the horizon.  Hmmm. [HockeyBuzz]
  • Speaking of great young goalies, Braden Holtby and the Hershey Bears penalty killers had a statement win yesterday... [SHoE, Patriot News, OFB]
  • ...and head coach Mark French had a statement press conference. [Hershey Bears]
  • The Capitals have the "Help Wanted" sign up. Normally we are happy to post these, but this listing means Nate Ewell is definitely moving on, which makes us sad.  Thanks again for everything, Nate. [Hockey Jobs]
  • Finally, wishing Крис Саймон a very happy 39th birthday.

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