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Saturday Caps Clips: All-Star Saturday

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Your savory Saturday brunch links:

  • Japers' Rink Radio hits the interwaves today at 10 Eastern. Join Pepper and Russell as they welcome returning guest Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox. Oh my. [JRR]
  • Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your 2011 NHL All-Stars. Team Staal FTW. [CI, Puck Daddy, LA Times (Elliott), RMNB]
  • Three All-Stars missed their original flights to Raleigh yesterday.  Two of them play for the Washington Capitals. [ESPN]
  • As we've come to a pause in the season, it's a good time to look at the Caps' midterm report card. Well, unless you play a forward position. [TBD (Chamberlain)]
  • GM George McPhee, keeping the faith. [Homer McFanboy]
  • Folks are still talking about Alexander Semin and his new contract. [Box Seats (Cooper), Box Seats (Weissman), The Spin, NY Times (Gordon)]
  • Something something zone starts something - a statistical look at Alex Ovechkin's season so far. [BtN]
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov's stock continues to rise.  He'll be playing at the KHL All-Star Game, and he has an invite to training camp for Team Russia.  And not the youth team either - he's going to the adult men's national team camp. Oh, and he has 5 goals in his last six games and points in seven of the nine games  (5-7-12) since his return from Buffalo.  Even better, his agent has gotten all hinty. [ (via GoogleTrans), Russian Hockey Federation, (via GoogleTrans)]
  • Cute, but the Oviturtle still rules. [SteinBog]
  • Finally, we've got a bumper crop of birthdays: Ed Kastelic is 47, Jason Doig is 34, Roman Tvrdon is 30, and Chris Bourque turns 25 today. Many happy returns, gents (and here's to the late Wayne Stephenson, who would've been 66 today).

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