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Tune In to Japers' Rink Radio Tomorrow

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Greetings, friends. It's Japers' Rink Radio time again tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern, as Russell and I give you a break from the All-Star Weekend events to bring you a new episode of the show. The offensive struggles continue -- when will the Red tide turn in the Washington Capitals' favor? What's the right way forward, with the trade deadline about a month away? Are the Caps' recent defensive efforts a building block for true Cup contention for Coach Bruce Boudreau's bunch, or was Winter Classic victory for Gabby but a temporary reprieve?

We welcome back to the show none other than Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox to chat about those issues and a whole lot more.

Speaking of which, here's your question for tomorrow's show:

Would you support a NHL rule penalizing hits to the head whether intentional or accidental?

The call in number is (917) 388-4003 and we'll take your questions @japersrinkradio.

Pour a mug of strong coffee, or a tall bloody mary, and join us.

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