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Thursday Caps Clips: Goose Egg'd

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps and other assorted musings on last night's game from Vogs,, WaPo (Carrera: blog, gamer), CSN Washington (Beninati), Caps365 video (Boudreau, players), RMNBSB Nation DC, Caps 'Round the Clock, and WC2010.
  • Ouch. Are you okay, Alex?  Please be okay. [YouTube]
  • And a Swede shall lead them.  But which Swede? [Turner Sports Desk]
  • Drafting and developing centermen: a history lesson. [Box Seats (El-Alaily)]
  • Drafting and developing everyone else: more history. [Box Seats (Weissman)]
  • If what you need is grit, grease, and sweet, sweet dekes, Matt Hendricks is your man. [RMNB]
  • "One of the most honest athletes when answering journalists' questions."  Which athlete?  Braden Holtby, of course. [OFB TV]
  • Hey, how bout that D? [DC Examiner (Loverro)]
  • We'll always have Paris the 2010-2011 penalty kill. [CI]
  • And we'll always have Ozzy Osbourne ... in a Caps sweater. [SteinBog]
  • From the Dept. of Questions Best Left Unasked: Whatever happened to the Capstronaut? [Ibid]
  • Fortunately we have only to turn on the telly to see @TheHornGuy. [OFB]
  • Congratulations are in order for Stingrays D-man Josh Godfrey, who fired a 102.7 mph slapper to set the all-time record for hardest shot at the ECHL All-Star Skills competition. [ECHL News]
  • Programming notes:
    • Caps Red Line returns for its third season Feb. 5 on Comcast SportsNet... [WashCaps]
    • ...the Feb. 20 Caps @ Sabres game has been moved from 3pm to 12:30pm... []
    • ...and the Caps-to-open-the-season-in-Russia rumo(u)rs just might be true. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Finally, yesterday the Caps wished Wayne Gretzky a happy 50th birthday... [CSNWashington (Raby)]
  • ...and today they'll wish D.J. King a happy 27th birthday (c'mon, Hockey-Reference) and we will all wish Brian Engblom a very happy 57th.

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