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Japers' Rink Radio Returns Tomorrow

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Start your Saturday off right with a healthy serving of Japers' Rink Radio!  Russell and I dish out our recommended daily intake of Washington Capitals analysis with a new episode of JRR tomorrow at 10am Eastern

The Caps get ready to visit the Maple Leafs in a Hockey Night in Canada tussle, and we'll get a view of the Caps and the Leafs, and a few league-wide issues, from north of the border with James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail.  We'll also bring you our in-depth conversation with Caps' center Matt Hendricks that we recorded today on the team's day off.

Here's your question for tomorrow's show:

Are you happy with watching a more conservative defensive system over the "run and gun" Caps of recent seasons past if it results in more wins?

The call in number is (917) 388-4003 and we'll take your questions @japersrinkradio

You wouldn't dare miss it, would you?

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