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Friday Caps Clips

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Andrew Gordon; photo by Abelimages/Getty Images
Andrew Gordon; photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Be sure to check out Japers' Rink Radio tomorrow morning (or download it thereafter) as Pepper and Russell welcome the WaPo's new Caps beat writer, Katie Carrera, to the show.
  • Andrew Gordon is back to blogging (and, more importantly, working his tail off). [RMNB]
  • Two Willie Mitchell items of interest: 1) "he's gotten a clean bill of health and has begun taking physicals for a few teams," and 2) he "could sign a contract with performance bonuses because he spent 100 days on injured reserve last year." [Russo's Rants]
  • A look at the ongoing chemistry experiment that is this Caps team. [Peerless]
  • More on Winter Classic tix from the boss. [Ted's Take]
  • Superstardom hasn't changed Alex Ovechkin. [Puckrakers]
  • Random musings on the Caps. [Hoffman]
  • George McPhee's quietly effective summer... [Puckhead's Thoughts]
  • ... has the team as off-season winners. [National Post]
  • Hey, it's me, translated into Russian and then back into English (the audio should be floating around somewhere). Strangely, it's more comprehensible than a lot of my typical writings. [ via Google Translate]
  • Speaking of Russian translations, here's Semyon Varlamov... 's dad. [Kings of Leonsis]
  • If you were wondering who Dave Shyiak is and why he was helping out with the coaching at Development Camp, read up. [Bears Bites]
  • Hey, looks like Garrett Mitchell will be playing an outdoor game this year (and no, not by making the Caps). [DubNation]
  • Finally, today's your last chance for a great deal on cheap golf - your putts will thanks you. [SB Nation Team Pick]