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Sunday Caps Clips

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Your savory "last Sunday of August" breakfast links:

  • Is Matt Bradley actually a sniper on the down low?  Ten of eighteen goals (including seven of eleven just last season) say ... perhaps. [JtG]
  • Hands on the table, Alexander Semin.  Allan Muir sez the League is onto players' little contract games now. [SI]
  • It is Mathieu Perreault, it is awesome, and according to RMNB, it is gen-u-wine. [Facebook]
  • Caps G prospect Philipp Grubauer has arrived in Kingston with his Memorial Cup ring, a battle-scarred goalie stick, and fond memories of the games he stole in the Fronts' barn in seasons past. And oh yeah, he also brought his ticket to Capitals' rookie camp. [Whig Standard]
  • Best wishes to Minnesota centerman Pierre-Marc Bouchard.  He's Francois Bouchard's big brother, and he's hoping to be able to return to the Wild after a year and a half recovering from a terrible concussion. [Strib]
  • Finally, happy 50th birthday to Tim Tookey.