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Sunday Caps Clips

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Life ain't nothing but a funny funny riddle...via <a href="">Caps in Pictures</a>
Life ain't nothing but a funny funny riddle...via Caps in Pictures

Your savory Sunday brunch links:

  • On a slow news/no news Sunday, you could take a swing through the Japers' Rink Radio archives [JRR]
  • Eric Fehr played in a charity hockey game back home this week, and revealed what it's like to be a country boy playing in city-slicker Washington DC. [Winnipeg Sun]
  • "Come on, Kolya!", the ever so cheerful Alex Ovechkin yells to the bench while speeding around the rink... Our SB Nation partners at Broad Street Hockey are also keeping an eye overseas. [BSH]
  • Capitals' blogosphere round table.  Issue One: The best off-season move made by GMGM.  What say you, CapsNation? [Kings of Leonsis]
  • The off-season move least likely to be made by GMGM?  The one listed near the end of this Bruce Garrioch column. [Sun Media]
  • Time to get out the slide rules:  Which Caps players overachieved in 2009-2010? [Red Line Station]
  • Don't put them away just yet: Which player, by every metric, was the best shooter in the NHL last season? (Hint: He plays for the Caps but his initials are not AO.) [Hockey Analysis]
  • The organization did announce one signing this weekend.  The South Carolina Stingrays welcome forward Rob Ricci to North Charleston for another season. [Stingrays Hockey]
  • It's the last day to Vote Weagle.  [Icethetics]
  • Finally, happy 35th birthday to Brendan Morrison, happy 41st birthday to James Black, and happy 56th birthday to Roland Stoltz.