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Saturday Caps Clips

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Your savory Saturday brunch links:

  • Japers' Rink Radio hits the interwaves at 10am Eastern today.  Pepper and Russell have two special guests - Smokin' Al Koken and columnist/author Damien Cox. [Japers' Rink Radio]
  • Did we say author? Why yes, we did. Damien's new book about Alex Ovechkin hits Canadian bookstores and/or your doorstep starting September 20. [Amazon]
  • The Caps are number one!  At least according to Allan Muir and his Power Rankings, with a nod to "possibly the  most important offseason in club history."  Ya think?  [SI]
  • They're also number two. And number nine.  Ovie and Nicklas Backstrom take their places in THN's Top Ten list. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The hockey chatterati have Capitals on their mind this week, and Adam Proteau's interns rifle through his mailbag and give their opinions on the Caps' crease. [The Hockey News]
  • The Caps' crease will be well-tended well into the future, with a cupboard brimming with promising goalies. [Masisak]
  • Peerless, a Mr. Marshall Pirate would like a word with you.  [A Capital Offense]
  • What do we want? Wi-Fi! When do we want it? At puck drop, of course. [Ted's Take]
  • We walk with a presence that says ‘I will Unleash the Fury tonight’. [Jumping the Glass]
  • I voted the straight Caps ticket. How 'bout you? [CapsNewsNetwork]
  • Vote Weagle! The polls close Sunday night. [Icethetics]
  • Finally, we bid a fond farewell to The Grinder, which was the hockey blog of The Sporting News. We presume it will return in some form, but its passing should not go unnoticed.  'Til we meet again. [Sporting News]