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Sunday Caps Clips: Happy Independence Day

Your savory red-white-and-blue brunch links:

  • The 2010 Free Agent Frenzy is reaching the Morning-After phase, with assessments, analysis, and a packet of Goody's Headache Powder.
    • GMGM keeps his eye upon the donut. [Masisak]
    • A rebuttal, and a proposal for Uncle Ted. [OFB]
    • Mike Colligan takes a look at twelve signings that happened - and one still pending. [Hockey Writers]
    • Could the next spin on the Great Wheel of Tomas Kaberle end up pointing at Washington? [Leafs HQ]
    • One last fond farewell for Alexandre Giroux and Greg Amadio. Thanks, gents. [Tim Leone]
    • Not enough free agent action yet this year?  It's not too early to start making your UFA shopping lists for 2011.  [Forwards (with a distressing number of Caps on the list), Defensemen (with just about the right number)]
  • Icethetics is ranking the NHL's shoulder patches/secondary logos. The Weagle is leading Ottawa's "O" logo by a margin of about two votes to one. [Icethetics
  • Agent Steinz asks the questions he knows we want answered - what is @TheHornGuy's opinion on VuvuzelaNation?  The term "brown noise" comes into play. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Finally, happy 38th birthday to Mike Knuble, and happy 234th birthday to the United States of America.