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Monday Caps Clips

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The countdown clock is ticking its way to Wednesday, July 28 and the big Showdown in T.O. - the Tomas Fleischmann arbitration.
  • Not gonna bury the lede: the Japers' Rink mock arbitration drops today at 11:30 Eastern.
  • That arbitration date. It looms. [RMNB]
  • Things were going pretty well back in 2003 for Joshua Robertson when he was drafted by the Capitals.  Things are going not-so-well now. [Enterprise News]
  • Marcus Johansson: "The actual size of the rink isn't the problem, the problem is more the type of hockey.  As a center I'm used to being the third man high, almost like a third defender.  Over here it's more about chase, pressure and go-go-go." [FanPost]
  • On 50-goal scorers and a sense of urgency. [Peerless]
  • A look at the left wings in the system. [Live In Red]
  • The cutest picture of a sleepy bear you'll ever see. [HockeyismyBF]
  • Not-so-sleepy Bears. [OFB]
  • DevCamp prospect updates: All-Camp forward Eric Alexander gets some love from his school [Ferris State Bulldog Athletics Blog], and Latvian defenseman Kristaps Sotnieks has arrived at Dynamo Riga training camp. [Latvian Hockey News]
  • The South Carolina Stingrays have posted Part One of their DevCamp highlights. [Rays YouTube]
  • Caps killing it - Eric Fehr reports he's a beach volleyball champeen [@EricFehr16], and Mathieu Perreault and Francois Bouchard prevailed in their Tournoi as well. [à bout de souffle]
  • The rule stands - for any list in which Alex Ovechkin does not appear as Number One, it is entirely appropriate for him to appear as Number Eight. With a cameo by Eric Belanger. [The Hockey Writers]