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Saturday Caps Clips

One is the Number, and the Number shall be One.
One is the Number, and the Number shall be One.

Your savory Saturday brunch links:

  • Boyd Gordon, Jeff Schultz, Eric Fehr. Quietly and methodically, GMGM has been putting the band back together. We're just waiting to hear the plans for rhythm guitar. [Caps News Network]
  • And now we'll know who to thank when the band strikes the first chord (scroll down and to the right.) [Points West]
  • The rest of the Southeast Division teams have been busy remaking themselves. Here's some analysis and assessment of the offseason changes for the Capitals' competitors. [RtR]
  • The Caps' crease will have a new look next October - Semyon Varlamov declares he's Number 1. [NHL]
  • But be careful, Varly, because decisions made in haste... [Peerless]
  • ... can be repented at leisure. [NBC Washington]
  • 'How Does Alexander Semin Score?' Kevin Bryant goes to the video vault and finds some answers. [Jumping the Glass]
  • The South Carolina Stingrays (coaches and players) are ready for Caps Development Camp. [Stingrays Hockey]
  • And so is the Washington Post. [Express Night Out]
  • Apparently Michael Nylander will need to continue his search for a hockey home. [Expressen (Swedish link)]
  • The new John Carlson bobblehead will inspire many an animated .gif, and hopefully will inspire many a pint of donated blood. [Capitals]