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Friday Caps Clips: Draft Day Dawning

Your savory breakfast links:

  • On the eve of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, take a trip down memory lane and revisit 2004 with an ebullient and oh-so-young Alex Ovechkin on his draft weekend. Durham ain't no Staples Center™, but I think I like it.  [Carolina Hurricanes Video]
  • Related: Super. Star. [VirtuPoint.TV]
  • SB Nation has geared up for full coverage of the draft - 14 writers, 2 days, 210 draft picks.  JP is on the Caps beat, and check out all the other SB bloggers as well.  Set your Twitter feeds to "Follow" and lay in a goodly supply of Red Bull, antacids, and weagle-shaped confetti. The future is now!  [SB Nation]
  • Mike Vogel sits down for a pre-draft chat with GMGM, who frankly looks like he needs a nap. [Caps 365]
  • Tim Leone ponders late first round picks from drafts gone by.  Most of those picks are currently patrolling the Washington and Hershey bluelines. Could there be another defenseman in the offing?  [Patriot-News]
  • Hey, Tim might be on to something.  Puck Prospectus takes a look at the Capitals' holes and finds they just may need to plug in ... a defenseman.  But by draft or by free agency?  Decisions, decisions. [Puck Prospectus]
  • At some point in this draft, the Caps are nearly certain to be confronted by "the Russian Factor."  But will it matter?  [Premium Scouting]
  • Defiance! [RMNB]
  • Lessons learned (and yet to be applied), pre-draft edition. [Storming the Crease]
  • Local kid makes good, and a familiar name is set to be the highest NHL draft pick from the DC area - evah. [CSN]
  • Allan Muir reviews the NHL Awards show: "High marks to Ovechkin himself, who spent the duration of the show cutting up like the class clown and proving once again that there is no one around this game who is having more fun than Alex. Yeah, he slips on the black hat every once in awhile, but the guy's personality is infectious. Every day that he's not the league's top marketing priority is a wasted opportunity." [Sports Illustrated]
  • "Go ahead Ovie, eat your Hart out." The Van wrestles with its new-found fortune. Congrats to Henrik Sedin anyway. Well done, sir.  [Vancouver Sun]
  • For some reason, nearly every NHL superstar on Wednesday night seems to have preferred the threads of one particular designer. [bluPRintPR]
  • In closing, all I can say is, there better be a chapter titled "The Mike Knuble Years".  David Steckel does not approve. [Hockey Book Reviews]
  • Finally, happy 36th birthday to Glen Metropolit.