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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • It sounds like Tomas Fleischmann's agent fancies his client as a $3 million center. The Caps fancy him as a guy who was unplayable at the end of the playoffs. That's what's known as a chasm. [CI]
  • The Caps will open the 2010-11 season at Atlanta on October 8 and return home the following night to host the Devils. Plan accordingly (with the rest of the schedule to be released later today). [Blueland Blog]
  • Andrew Gordon submits his last file of the season (hopefully not last ever) for RMNB, and it's definitely a must-read. [RMNB, reaction at SB Nation DC]
  • Ten UFA centers you'd actually want on your team... including one the Caps still have for another week or so. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of centers you'd actually want on your team... nah... but... nah. [All Things Avs]
  • And speaking of free agents, Mirtle's ranked his top 100 UFAs. Bravo, Doctor. Bravo. [Globe and Mail]
  • Nine goalies who could be on the move come July 1, including Jose Theodore. "Could be?" [NHL]
  • Ed on the weeks ahead for the Caps. [Frankovic]
  • Wanted: more grit. [OFB]
  • The Caps are likely the D.C.'s next title team (though I wonder what the odds on "none of the above" would be if you limited it to, say, 10 years). [Bog]
  • Plenty of Hall of Fame chatter surrounding the candidacies of former Caps Dino Ciccarelli and Adam Oates. [Russo's Rants, Hockey or Die, Gross Misconduct Hockey, PHT]
  • Get your Caps Awards and Draft guides here (so you can spot the copy & paste members of the media). [Caps Today]
  • Plenty of Awards predictions and related whatnot. [Caps365 (brilliant short film), Puck Daddy, THN, Red Line Station, Peerless]
  • There are at least a couple of kids with Caps ties in this year's Draft. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hey, look - the Caps could draft a guy with 3rd-line center upside in the first round, just like when they picked Boyd Gordon. [USAToday]
  • A look at the best and worst #4 picks over the past two decades, book-ended by a pair of Caps. [From The Rink]
  • Here's one... for the ladies. [Ladies…]
  • I'm not a big Brooks & Dunn guy, but this is pretty cool. [, YouTube, TwitPic]
  • If you're into collecting famous frozen water, this is for you. [Bears via OFB]
  • Bangin' Panger is now into haberdashery. [The BanginPanger ThreadShop]
  • Finally, happy 32nd birthday to Alexei Tezikov.