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Caps Prospects From A Fantasy Perspective

As Draft week is upon us, all eyes are on this year's crop of young men and guessing at their respective impacts in the NHL. At DobberHockey, predicting such things is always the focus, and my good friends over there have churned out yet another must-read for fantasy and non-fantasy puck-heads alike, their "Fantasy Prospects Report 2010." Here's a sampling of what's in this year's edition (click any of the blurbs to enlarge):

Dobberhockey_perreault_blurb_medium Dobberhockey_carlson_blurb_medium Dobberhockey_holtby_blurb_medium

There are paragraphs on other Caps prospects as well (Francois Bouchard, Dmitri Kugryshev, Anton Gustafsson, Christopher Bourque, Karl Alzner and Michal Neuvirth), similar write-ups for the other 29 NHL teams, mock drafts and much more. Buy it, read it, get smart.