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I Know That Ovechkin Can be Animated, But This Takes the Cake

As the Monty Python announcer was fond of saying, "..and now for something completely different". No larches here, though; just a most peculiar video clip (with subtitles by yours truly) from a popular Russian late-night satire show. The show is called "Mult Lichnosti" (Animated Personality), which is a play on words on "Kult Lichnosti" (Cult of Personality), which pokes fun at stars of Russian society and politics (Obama and Hillary are also regular targets on the show). This clip below comes from an episode aired back in February of this year, making fun of various stars of the Olympics. As you can see, Alex Ovechkin was an easy target for caricature (along with Russian skating figures Tatiana Tarasova (the announcer), Tatiana Navka (for whom Ovy does a  Beavis and Butthead impersonation) and Ilia Averbukh . Enjoy!

Animated Ovechin in Vancouver- from "Mult Lichnosti/Мулт Личности" (via tuvanhillbilly)